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One long table lighted by a modern chandelier and ten chairs. The table is set. Guests arrive. Sparkling wine is served. Voila, once again the joy of 10 Chairs NYC begins. Every guest knows they have entered a wonderful, private world of memorable dining.

10 Chairs NYC is about combining the joy of seeing old friends and meeting new ones with the beauty, succulence and excitement of food that comes from the effects of flavors and textures that are specifically combined to delight the palate. The ingredients are always seasonal and purchased fresh from the green market the day of each dinner.

The menu is based upon the fundamentals of the best American cuisine restaurants. But, that’s where 10 Chairs NYC departs. The chef selects the finest ingredients, spices herbs and flavors from all the many cultures that make up this wonderful city. And, the menu changes for each dinner depending on seasonal availability and freshness of ingredients.

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Chef Patricia Williams

The founder and Executive Chef of 10 Chairs NYC, Patricia Williams actually began her New York career in ballet, starting at the Harkness School of Ballet and culminated at New York City Opera. From her years of training she learned one universal truth: creating beauty does not take form as an accident. It comes by design and hard work. She applied this truth as she began her career in the world of food. As executive chef, she gained two stars from the New York Times. Along the way, Chef Williams has frequently appeared on nearly all National morning talk shows demonstrating her brilliance in combining fresh seasonal unique multicultural flavors at affordable prices.

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